By and large this has been a great year. A year that once again proved just how faithful the Lord is toward us. It’s obviously not been without challenges, troubles and obstacles but we’ve conquered and outlasted them. Those that are still persisting, we’re still conquering them. We thank God for these things because they sharpen and shape our vision, strengthen our faith and resolve in Him. They help keep us on track and in focus. We grow in hardship because it forces us to want to win, to look for solutions within and without, and to seek the Lord. As you can see we need just the right balance of challenge, comfort and focus. It’s what keeps us on the right path. Life without challenge is only in heaven and in the coming world. We’ve grown beyond our own comprehension this year through the grace of God. We’ve taken territory, demonstrated herculean strength and made great strides in the Spirit. We can now only wait with bated breath and look in anticipation to what our Lord and God wants to achieve through us in the soon to be new year. Shana tova umetukah.



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