What we need now is not another sermon or church experience, but the living word of God from which flow the power to save, transform, bless, and set free from all satanic oppression. We need the teaching and preaching of the word with the power and revelation the Spirit provides. He doesn’t give us church experiences, but transformative moments. Church experience produces people who come to church and go back as they came, unchanged, unmoved, untouched. Church experience gives only a semblance, however the Spirit transfigures us into being like Christ from one degree of glory to the next through the word of God’s power.

 Most people are hardened because they’ve been over-preached and over-churched without the requisite transformative word of His power. We need to allow the Spirit to take control; where the Spirit of the Lord is there’s liberty. Where He is He melts even the coldest hearts. We need to give ourselves up and give way to Him to work in our midst. God isn’t done yet, His power is exhaustless. We’re yet to do exploits in His name. The time to change is now, today, here to welcome and receive the Spirit of God and let Him take control.


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