Mind Of A Child

Mind Of A Child

Unless you accept God’s kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you’ll never get in – Luke 18:17 MSG.

One day coming back from work I walked straight into our bedroom as I was exhausted and wanted to lie down. My daughter was on the bed with my wife and as soon as she saw me she jumped towards me with excitement. I was almost 2 metres away and yet she jumped without hesitation. The thought of falling or me not catching her never even for a second dawned on her. It’s as if she knew her father would catch her, he wasn’t in the business of letting his kid fall down to the ground. I must admit it really freaked me out and to this day I still think about it. It has now become a tradition that I catch her every day. It warms my heart knowing she has that much confidence in me.

How exciting and liberating our walk with God would be if we too would have this confidence in Him? Our past experiences and disappointments hinder our progress in spirit and are stumbling blocks. Peter called out to his Master and said if he told him to come out he would. How pleasing this must have been to Christ to know Peter had confidence that He would protect him. Peter at that moment forgot past experiences and his focus was to be with his Master. Unfortunately the noise from the enemy scared him and he went back to what made sense to him, his past and not his confidence in his Master

Let us for a moment become like kids and trust our Father. With a clear mind and boldness let us surrender our will and know He is God (Psalm 100:3). We can do this because He who has called us is faithful and just. He will watch over us and deliver us from the fowler’s snare (Psalm 91:14). So let us also jump to Him knowing He will catch us and He will not let our feet strike the ground (Psalm 91:11-12).

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