“I Was Afraid…”

“I Was Afraid…”

And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours – Matthew 25:25.

God is our Master; we are categorically His subjects, servants and sons. We were created for His purposes (Ephesians 2:10), and as the parable of the talents states matter-of-factly, He is expecting a return on investment. It would seem there will be no excuse tolerated just results expected.Mankind has made inroads; we have asked the fundamental question, “why am I here?”, “why was I created?”, “what is my purpose?”. This question has been answered in Christ Jesus, so what happen next are choice and decision, cause and effect. We (human beings) acknowledge that we are the Creator’s masterpiece, uniquely designed and a work of complex brilliance. Surely all of this body of work exists for reasons far more reaching, beyond the here and now! Surely our make-up has intent not just limited to earthly human existence, but eternal deployment. Because if not why does the soul not die?With that thought jogging your brain, let’s ponder the test before the exam, our current existence. We know that all of us are appointed a time to submit our assignments, are we getting ready to hand over the assignment, dust off our hands and walk away? Or are we frantically staring at the teacher hoping our eyes lock so we can explain the disheveled stack of papers in our hands before we hand them over?We cannot pretend we don’t know what we know, after having heard the Message of Life we cannot continue procrastinating. We cannot park off the Lord’s main ask, while we go about our business, living our lives, marrying, eating, choosing and making decisions only to tell Him in the end ‘I didn’t know exactly what you wanted from me! The atheists were making a sizeable case, the media was dishing out facts sending the lot of us in a tailspin, the Pastors were abusing the order, the biological clock was ticking away with too little time to read the Word, a mind too busy to focus our prayers, it was messy and confusing, what’s real? What’s not? We got scared so we didn’t do the assignment! We figured You’d bring to pass what you intended anyhow!’


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