Our Momentary Light Affliction

Our Momentary Light Affliction

“So we’re not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace. These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There’s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever,” 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 MSG.

The things we go through as believers are divine; they are there for a purpose and to prepare us for what God has for us. These afflictions cause us to seek God in prayer and in our personal devotions.I am reminded of the story of King David in 2 Samuel chapter 11, that when the other kings went to war he sent his army and remained in Jerusalem. He was now king and had the luxury of comfort and it was through this comfort that he ended up sinning against God.I believe God allows us to be discomforted for this very reason; discomfort grows us on the inside and causes us to see God’s unfolding grace. God does however promise us that this discomfort is nothing compared to the good times ahead in this life and in eternity to come, and further reassures us that these afflictions won’t last but the benefits will forever. We don’t give up, we can’t give! Let us hold on to God’s word and the promise of the everlasting rewards of enduring through these afflictions.


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