Better Than Best, Friend!

Better Than Best, Friend!

So Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace” –  Genesis 41:16.

I wrote last week’s devotional ‘You Can Do Anything’ the week before it was posted. It was the week before I was upset, it was before I was hurt by something. So when I read the devotional last Friday, it spoke to me **shakes head**.

Because I was hurt I zeroed in on my feelings and you need to know that I felt strongly that I was wronged, I felt that I had been dealt a great injustice! But Holy Spirit gave me such a gentle reminder, so sweet, so unbiased, He reminded me about the things I had been saying to others, how things don’t happen to us but for us, and so He let me know I was in my feelings! I wasn’t vindicated, I wasn’t appeased, but I became aware that I hadn’t responded as I ought to have as a soldier and a disciple of Christ. And thus was I sobered.

While our friends can only pray for us, Holy Spirit gives us an answer of peace (which is what my closest buddy prayed over me). I still felt remnants of anger but the cooling breeze of the Word of rebuke and correction from the Holy Spirit slowly dealt away with these agents of satan from my heart. (Nobody can tell ME God isn’t real).

I’m writing this devotional to let you know there’s no one quite like the Holy Spirit. Mentors, confidants and close friends and family are great, but they can never give you what only the Holy Spirit can! My friend prayed the peace of God over me but she couldn’t give it to me, only Holy Spirit could and He did. Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers don’t have any power of their own to make you do anything. They can pray over you, teach and impart you, but only the Holy Spirit can alter your course. He has the power to heal you, to deliver you, to prosper you and bring your dreams to life. His credentials are impeccable; crown Him BFF over your life today, now!


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