… And other little boats were also with Him – Mark 4:36b.

This account is taken from the book of Mark where Jesus told his disciples that they should get into the boat and cross over to the other side; the word of God tells us that there were other little boats that were also with Him. After they got into the boat a great storm started while Jesus was asleep and when they woke Him up, He calmed the storm.

This storm affected everyone that was on the waters, including the other small boats and when Jesus calmed the storm, everyone benefited, including the small boats. When I began to ponder on this, it was revealed to me that Jesus was only on one boat and for the sake of His disciples, He calmed the storm but others (in the other small boats) were also spared from the destruction of the storm.

As believers we carry Jesus on the inside of us, and when we cry out to Him to calm storms in our lives, others who are around or close to us –  family, friends, colleagues –  also benefit. For example, God can save the company you work for from going down for your sake which ultimately spares your colleagues. We are called to be the salt of the earth and God has sprinkled us in different places for the benefit of others, to preserve and to give flavor.


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