Holy Spirit Our Helper!

Holy Spirit Our Helper!

Oh foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? – Galatians 3:1.

What got the Apostle so worked up in Galatians chapter 3 is the fact that the Galatians had the wrong idea about the importance of the Holy Spirit. They understood the role that the Spirit played in their conversion, but they were missing out on His role as Helper in the ongoing life of a believer. Their new life in Christ had begun by responding to the Holy Spirit through faith, but they were now trying to maintain it by human effort, rather than relying on Him.

 Many Christians today get caught in the same trap as the Galatians: we forget why the Holy Spirit is so important. The Holy Spirit is the conduit of life from God into our hearts. He is the one who controls our thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions as you follow His leading. We however tend to shift our focus from Him as our helper throughout the journey of salvation and focus on finding or making means on how we can become “better Christians”. Our biggest mistake is that instead of depending on the Holy Spirit to guide us through Christianity, to help us work out our salvation, we focus on what we can do to be better or on other people’s convictions forgetting that our walks are different because our purposes or destinies are different.

Because of this, we move from walking by the leading of the Holy Spirit to focusing on the “works” we ought to do so we can feel we are better Christians. The only person who can lead you through the journey of Christianity is the Holy Spirit and the greatest thing about being led by Him is that He does not just dish out instructions but also gives us power and enablement to carry out these instructions. So don’t let anyone “bewitch” you. The Holy Spirit is of vital importance in your life. Ask Him what to do, how to do it and when to do it, He will gladly lead and guide.

The greatest thing about being led by the Holy Spirit is that He does not just dish out instructions but He also gives us power and enablement to carry out them out


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