It Is Time To Save Others

It Is Time To Save Others

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor – Isaiah 61:1a NLT.

God is calling us to maturity. We have been fed and equipped, now it is time for us to go out there and put into practice what we have been taught. It is time for us to go and apply what we have learned to bring souls into the kingdom of God. We are not saved for ourselves, but for others who are in darkness as we once were.

God allows us to go through certain life situations so that we can tell the world how we managed to stay strong when we were in the midst of these storms, to call them to our source of strength who is Jesus. God has given us His light so we can be a solution to others who are in darkness.

On one Sunday we were taught about supernatural abilities which are normally called the gifts of the Spirit. The man of God mentioned that ‘it is God’s express will for every believer to have these gifts and for every believer to operate in them’. If we have the Holy Spirit in us and have the gifts in us, we therefore need to operate in them. Our God has enabled us; let’s do the work that lies before us.

Let’s do the work that lies before us


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