The Basis Of Our Christianity

The Basis Of Our Christianity

So that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord [displaying admirable character, moral courage, and personal integrity], to [fully] please Him in all things, bearing fruit in every good work and steadily growing in the knowledge of God [with deeper faith, clearer insight and fervent love for His precepts] – Colossians 1:10 AMP.

 The basis of our Christianity is based on the three points seen in the scripture above;

  1. We are called into Christianity to lives that are pleasing God. We must remember that we are put here on earth to display God’s Kingdom. Whatever we do or how we live our lives should be a testimony to someone. Holiness is the way of life for a Christian.
  2. We have been saved from our bad ways of living. We have been called to please God and to bear fruit. Our walk with Him must be eminent to everyone whom we meet. We are an example here on earth on how it is to be a Christian, pure and holy. Walking worthy should bring many to Christ, which are the fruits that the word is referring to. We are to be alert how we live this life or how we portray ourselves. Whatever we do might lead someone astray and we will account to God.
  3. When we look at the last part of the Scripture, as we walk in a way pleasing to God, we bring many to God and grow in the knowledge of God and in faith. Seeking the Lord, so that we can know Him.

Beloved, let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us to make our Christianity be in line with God’s word by doing what God says we should.


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