Elevation Through Persecutions

Elevation Through Persecutions

And was successful in all he did, because the LORD was with him – 1 Samuel 18:14 GNB.

David had it hard. Saul hated him without a cause. The life of David was not all roses, he had it hard. He was anointed king and that was the beginning of his persecutions. Saul wanted to kill him because he was afraid and jealous of him. It was a tough life for David having to run away from a king anointed of the Lord.  He humbled himself and did not fight back, instead he ran for his life. Imagine knowing that you are the next king and you are running away from this person that you are going to succeed.

David’s kingship was a unique one. He was not a son of a king; he was just a boy and a shepherd [1 Samuel 16:11]. He was from an ordinary family, not from royalty. He became successful in all he did because he never once sought revenge on Saul. Though he was persecuted by him, he did not fight back. He knew that God anointed Saul and therefore he could not fight him. The word of God says touch not my anointed [1 Chronicles 16:22].

David did not give in to the need for revenge, he did not give up on being obedient to God, and he served Saul diligently without envy or anger. God allowed the persecutions because He was with him through it all. He was building character in him during this time of persecutions. He wanted David to be true to Him and to depend only on Him. There is a lot that God was doing in him through his hardships. It is the same for me and you, let us allow God to be God and for Him to do whatever He likes with us, in us and through us. Persecutions come for our elevation and a better relationship with God.

David became successful in all he did because he never once sought revenge on Saul


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