My Inheritance

My Inheritance

The king proclaims the LORD’s decree: The LORD said to me, ‘You are my son. Today I have become your Father. Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.’ –  Psalm 2:7-8 NLT.

My daughter once waited for me by the door when I came back from work. She told me she loved me and I was the best daddy in the whole world. Immediately I knew she wanted something, she was just marinating me for the main course. She asked that I buy her a Disney outfit. I said ok just so that she could let me rest as I was really exhausted. A day later she was still waiting for me by the door and expecting her gift.

When she realized I didn’t have it she had this disappointed look that I will never forget, I realized I had broken my promise. The next day after work as tired as I was I made sure I bought her the gift. Two things I learned from that experience: one to never promise a five year old a gift, and two to never make promises when you are tired.

God in the above Scripture says ‘ask of Me and I will give it to you. I am now your Father so everything that is Mine is yours; your part is to just ask.’ The older brother of the prodigal son did not realize that all things were his and he did not have to labor for them, or his father’s approval. The prodigal son, although his motives were wrong, he knew what belonged to him, he knew who he was and what his inheritance was. All he did was ask his father for what belonged to him.

In this season we are in all we need to do is just ask and God promises that He will freely give. Sometimes we lack because we have not asked, we have not demanded what belong to us. If an earthly father can move mountains (fatigue) for his daughter, how much more will our Heavenly Father give if we ask?

Jabez asked God to bless him and to enlarge his territory. He knew his Father and simply asked for what was allocated to him before he was even born. He knew his God was in the business of rewarding his faithful children. It’s time to ask him for your heart’s desire and your Father will provide.

Jabez knew his Father and simply asked for what was allocated to him before he was even born


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