Keep Doing What God Said You Must Do

Keep Doing What God Said You Must Do

And preach my message to them, whether they choose to listen or not – Ezekiel 2:7 CEV.

God will keep on speaking, whether we obey Him or not. He will always find someone to use until the end of time and when that time comes people will wish that they can hear the word preached again. God loves us so much and He would not like even a single one of us to perish. Even in time of disbelief, God still has hope that the world will change and be saved. He commissioned Ezekiel to speak His word without fear of anyone, even in the new era God is still commissioning us to go and preach His word [Mark 16:15].  This is all for the sake of souls.

We should not get tired to speak this Word to God’s people, more so that God has hope for His children to come back home. He sent His Son to die for the world. There will always be attacks and distractions against the Word being preached. Ours is to look unto Jesus, Who did not give up when it was difficult for Him to continue. The Father even sent angels to strengthen Him [Luke 22:43]. His willingness to continue with the mandate encouraged God more to continue strengthening Him.

It is the same for us, God is looking for hearts that are willing to go to others out there and preach His word to them. He will be the One doing the work, but He cannot do it without having vessels. What we have to do is just to avail ourselves; He has given us His Spirit to help us in time of need. In so many verses in the Bible God encourages us to be strong and courageous, He is offering all the help for us to fulfill this mandate. He is just waiting for that “Here I am send me” [Isaiah 6:8].

To the beloved who have started on this journey, please do not give up and continue in what God said you must do. We also must remember the times when the Word was preached to us and we did not listen but the evangelists, the preachers, etc. did not give up on us. They continued preaching, knowing that God was the One to change our hardened hearts. As Paul says it God gives the increase ours is just to say the Word to those who are in the world [1 Corinthians 3:6]. A lot of people are waiting for me and you out there to rescue them from all the torment they are going through.

God loves us so much and He would not like even a single one of us to perish


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