Waking Up To The Reality Of Our Call

Waking Up To The Reality Of Our Call

In the past God tolerated our ignorance of these things, but now the time of deception has passed away. He commands us all to repent and turn to God – Acts 17:30 TPT.

The Lord is waiting for you and me to say yes to His will and ways. Oftentimes we profess with our mouths that let Your will be done in our lives, but our hearts are saying a different thing altogether (Isaiah 58:2 NLT). We have our own plans or ways on how things should go. Until such time we surrender our will into His will the mountains we see before us will automatically be moved for us. We’ve got to let God’s will take its course. The truth of the matter is, we are not yet where God wants us to be in terms of our spiritual life. Until we get in tune with His will nothing will be of any effect. The will of God for our lives is to lead many to Christ.

Everything given to us in the Word is for souls. When He says be strong and courageous, this is when you are getting attacked because of doing what you are called for. In times of trouble the Word speaks encouragement because this is not an easy task. The anointing we carry is for souls. Everything given to us is for souls. Hence God says we should seek first His kingdom and righteousness (Matthew 6:33).This is all for souls. The gifts given are for us to minister to others. This is all for souls. God sent His Son to die in order to save souls. He has given us His word for souls. When He created Adam and Eve it was for souls.

When we look at the book of Revelation satan was one of the angels that were kicked out of heaven (Revelation 12:9). When he was kicked out his mission was to destroy God’s children with the aim of getting back at God. He made everyone sin against God. God sent Jesus to rescue and transform us into light by death on the cross and by His resurrection. We are transformed into being like Him having all the characteristics of authority Jesus has. Everything is done for us already. We just have to avail ourselves.

This is what is required from us. The things of this earth, the cares of the world stifle the Word and make it of no effect. They slow us down in our purpose for life. Why do we go to church? Is it for ourselves or what God has created us? Let us turn now while we still have time and make the best of what we are called for. The material things of this earth are useless when you think of what the Word says about how it will be when Jesus comes. These are perishable they will not go with us to heaven. They are the least in God’s plan for our lives.

The will of God for our lives is to lead many to Christ


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