Don’t Write Anyone Off!

Don’t Write Anyone Off!

Ref: John 4:16-18, 28-30 NKJV. 

The Samaritan woman was a divorcee, leading an adulterous and promiscuous lifestyle. She was a woman of bad reputation. However, this is the woman that Jesus chose to speak to. When God wanted to bring revival into the city of Samaria, God chose her. God doesn’t write anyone off, and we shouldn’t either. He is not judgmental. However, we are judging the people who need help. God used a sinner to bring a city-wide revival to Samaria.

Ref: Matthew 1:1, 5-6, Revelation 22:16 NKJV.

David was a great man of war, one of the most prominent kings of Israel. But David slept with another man’s wife, and not only that, he proceeded to kill him after realizing she was pregnant. This made David a murderer and an adulterer. However, God did not dethrone David because he confessed and repented of his sins. This is God’s standard of righteousness. He knows that when we are weak, that’s when we need Him the most. Our righteousness and God’s righteousness never meet. They run parallel courses. Our righteousness is filthy rags before Him. Effectively, Jesus is the Root and Offspring of a murderer, adulterer, and fornicator. Jesus is not ashamed of you, just as He isn’t of David and His genealogy. It gives God pleasure to associate Himself with sinners. 

Ref: Judges 11:1-8, 32-33 NKJV. 

Jephthah was a son of a prostitute who was rejected by his brothers. Though they rejected him, the elders of Gilead went pleading to him when they needed him. The person you are writing off today, you may need tomorrow. When people reject you, they are sending you quickly into your destiny. What attracted worthless men to Jephthah was because he did not judge them. God uses the people we reject and don’t want. God loves rejects. 

Ref: John 9:1-7 NKJV.

The man who was born blind was a reject and outcast of society, yet he was chosen of God to show off His glory. God does not write anybody off. God has a solution for anyone’s defect, weakness or shortcoming. So don’t reject anyone. The person you reject is irreplaceable. God has tied our destinies in other people. 

(Other ref: 1 Corinthians 1:27-29, Hosea 6:6).

When people reject you, they are sending you quickly into your destiny


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