Freedom Is Not Without Responsibility

Freedom Is Not Without Responsibility

Ref: Romans chapters 6, 7 and 8.

We as born-again people have a responsibility. We have not been set free by God and delivered from the world for us to do and live as we please. The liberty into which we have been delivered is not without responsibility or obligation. The good things we are looking for seem to evade us because we forget the fact that we are debtors to righteousness. We have an obligation to do what God pleases, not what we please. God did not set us for free for us to be free to ourselves, but to be free to Him. Now that He has set us free, we should obey the Holy Spirit, who leads us to righteousness and holiness. 

When we were set free from sin, we did not become neutral, but became slaves to God, having no right or freedom of our own. Every slave is free to their master. We are duty-bound to God. What is freedom to us is determined by God, not us. We have been set free from the dominion and control of sin. We are now under the control of grace. We are debtors to grace. There is no neutrality. However, even though we are under grace, if we choose to obey sin, destruction and calamity will result. 

We are either married to the law or grace, but in order to be married to the husband called Grace, the husband called Law must die (Romans 7). We have to perform the duties of a wife to our husband called Grace. God did not set us free so that we may remain single. We are duty-bound to the new husband, being debtors to Grace. We are under a law, but this is the law of freedom, liberty and grace. We are under obligation. Now that we have been made free, we are under the law of the Spirit. Whether you obey God or obey sin, the results will show. You can’t say you are led by the Holy Spirit if you don’t follow Him. Many are led by the things they hear, see and the evidence presenting to them. We must be WILLINGLY obedient to the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 1:19 AMP).

We have been set free from the dominion and control of sin, we are now under the control of grace


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