Prosperity Is A Need

Prosperity Is A Need

Ref: Psalms 1, 112, 118, 128.

Prosperity is a need, not a luxury. God wants His people to prosper. He prospers us when we are seeking and following after Him. Prosperity is supposed to be common among the children of God. He promises to give a blessing to you, your spouse, your children and children’s children. God also gives us enough days on Earth to enjoy this prosperity. God blesses generationally. He has a bigger picture in mind, He looks beyond the individual. God does not bless in isolation. When He blesses, He has a purpose. God makes one rich for others. We need to free ourselves from narrow-mindedness. When we have the mind of Christ, it will be easier for us to understand prosperity according to God, and it will be easier for God to release it to us. 

Ref: Genesis 13:2, 5-6, 18:19, 22:15-18

What drew God to Abraham was that he had a peculiar spirit in him. Abraham understood that what God wanted to do for him, He wanted to do for humanity. Many a time, our scope is so limited that we fail to look beyond ourselves. God blesses purpose and vision.  It is imperative to find out God’s purpose and vision for our lives. Through Abraham God blessed his children, his household, his nation and the rest of the world. Blessing is not without responsibility. Abraham understood his responsibility. You need to understand your purpose, vision and responsibility when you ask God to make you rich. If we don’t understand this, we will abuse, misuse and destroy God’s resources.

Ref: Galatians 3:7-9, 3 John 2.

Exactly as Abraham was blessed (through his faith, obedience, fear of God), this is how we are blessed. What is released to us, rightfully belongs to us, but we need to be taught to believe, obey and fear God. The prosperity of God is threefold (in order):

  1. Spiritual prosperity (will, mind and emotions – the soul)
  2. Physical prosperity (health and healing) 
  3. Material and financial prosperity (money and possessions)

However, without spiritual prosperity, there is no physical, material or financial prosperity. 

Ref: Ecclesiastes 9:13-16.

Poverty is a curse, not a blessing. Poor people are despised even if they can do good things. We are the salt of the earth and light of the world. How will we be heard if we are poor? God’s purpose and vision to prosper us is so that we’ll influence and win others into His kingdom. So prosperity is a necessity to fulfill our calling here on earth. 

So prosperity is a necessity to fulfill our calling here on earth


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