How Does God Prosper?

How Does God Prosper?

Ecclesiastes 9:10, Proverbs 10:4, 22; 13:4.

God blesses and prospers the diligent and hard working. He prospers the work of your hands. We must dutifully work as unto the LORD, because it’s Him who blesses us. Be passionate about what you are doing and don’t be lazy. However, it is not hard work by itself that makes one successful and prosperous. We need God’s grace and favor. Lazy people desire but nothing comes of it.

Matthew 25:21, Luke 16:11-12.

God blesses and prospers the faithful and responsible. We are all looking for God to prosper us, but the question is whether we are faithful with what has already been given to us. He who is faithful in little things will be faithful in big things. Our faithfulness can be proven in how we handle money or material possessions, and in what belongs to another. How can we be trusted with real riches if we are unfaithful with earthly things? How can we be given what’s ours if we cannot be faithful with what belongs to another person? God does and cannot violate His principles. 

Joshua 1:8, James 1:25.

God blesses and prospers the obedient. What makes us successful as Christians is not only the knowledge of the Word we have, memorizing or confessing it, but doing it. We must not be careless listeners of the Word, but doers.

2 Corinthians 9:6-10, Proverbs 11:24-25.

God blesses and prospers givers and the generous. Giving is supposed to flow from the right heart. We must give freely and joyfully out of love, gratitude and humility towards the Lord. We must never give out of a sense of religious duty. Your motive and attitude matter more than the size of your offering. The key is not the hand that gives, but the heart. God multiplies what we give in obedience to Scripture. Generosity of heart leads to prosperity with God. Whatever you do or give for the gospel’s sake, God will bless you for it.

Generosity of heart leads to prosperity with God


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