The Way Of The Spirit

The Way Of The Spirit

Ref Scripture: Romans 8:5-8

It is not possible to live our born-again life without the Holy Spirit. We are born-again in the first place by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. After we are born again, if we try to live without the Holy Spirit, we shipwreck our lives. 

Holy Spirit is the Spirit of adoption into sonship. If the Holy Spirit has not witnessed with your spirit that you are a child of God, something is awry. We cannot contact Jesus, serve nor worship Him without the Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus was physically real to the disciples, so He is so real to us today through Holy Spirit. In the life of a believer, the Holy Spirit is exactly the same as Jesus was to the disciples. Holy Spirit helps us to live our Christian lives, because on our own it is impossible. When you try to live your Christian life with your own understanding, it will not avail anything. 

The Holy Spirit is a talking, speaking Spirit. He does not need you to speak for Him because He can speak for Himself. Holy Spirit can tell you what to do and where to go, etc. That’s how real He is to a believer. Mature Christians are led by the Holy Spirit because they can hear His voice. It is almost not possible to follow the Holy Spirit if you don’t know His voice. Regrettably, not all children of God are led by the Holy Spirit. Those who are led by the Holy Spirit surrender to Him, yield to Him and follow Him. Holy Spirit’s leading is real and specific. The difference between the children of God and those of the world is the Holy Spirit. 

Those who are born again ought to live by the Holy Spirit and be led by Him. If we are being led by the Holy Spirit, we cannot fail. We ought to surrender our life and mind (thinking and reasoning) to the Holy Spirit. God will never force us to follow Him. If we reason out our lives, they will not work out.  Eve entered into the realm of reason and was therefore defeated. We have to pull down the strongholds of our carnal mind, and capture every thought that is not of GOD and bring it to the obedience of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). To be spiritually minded is to think the way the Holy Spirit thinks. 

To be born again is a supernatural reality. Therefore as supernatural beings, we have to experience the supernatural realities, blessings, provisions and abilities of the new life. This supernatural life must first become our mental reality for it to manifest. Man is what he thinks in his heart or mind (Proverbs 23:7). Therefore we should keep our heart or mind with all diligence for out of it springs the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23).

Those that are in the flesh – controlled by their thoughts, reasoning, imagination, emotions, feelings, circumstances or hearsay – cannot please GOD. The flesh is a rebel against GOD. The carnal mind is enmity against Him. We are either obedient or disobedient to GOD in our mind. The spiritually minded set their minds on the things of the Spirit. Ironically in so many a Christian, the Holy Spirit is the missing link.

As supernatural beings, we have to experience supernatural realities, blessings, provisions and abilities of the new life


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