Understanding: Our Kryptonite

Understanding: Our Kryptonite

Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. See, I have commanded a widow there to provide for you – 1 Kings 17:9.

Today I was listening to someone speaking about the word of GOD and he said something so profound that it challenged me to the core. He said that sometimes we should be obedient to GOD and understanding will come later. When GOD instructs us to do something we always want to first understand and obey afterwards. It made me realize that it is a choice to believe GOD is in control of everything and that His motives are always pure (Jeremiah 29:11).

Prophet Elijah obeyed GOD and that’s the reason why he was used so mightily. GOD told him to go to a place he didn’t know and he trusted that GOD was in control. In his obedience he performed wonders and people were left in awe. He epitomized true surrender and obedience, and in turn his needs were always met. We know that without faith it is impossible to please GOD (Hebrews 11:6), and the obedient have faith GOD will look after them. Our obsession with understanding shows our lack of faith in GOD’s ability to provide for us.

Some of us would have reasoned that the ravens would not bring the meat and the brook might possibly be infested with insects and was unsterile. Maybe some of our breakthroughs are delayed by our need or obsession to want to understand everything GOD says. His ways are higher than our ways, his thoughts are above our thoughts, yet we want to understand everything. The problem is we don’t want to surrender and we want to be in control because of fear of the unknown. It’s this fear that paralyzes us in our spiritual walk, that hinders the move of GOD in our lives. Let us obey and the plans will unfold and our understanding will then come: For we know in part (1 Corinthians 13:9).

Our obsession with understanding shows our lack of faith… maybe some of our breakthroughs are delayed by our need to want to understand everything GOD says


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