Better Than Life!

Better Than Life!

God—you’re my God! I can’t get enough of you! – Psalm 63:1a MSG.

He fills all in all and leaves you wanting for nothing! He is God the Sovereign, Jesus – Lord, and Holy Spirit – best friend! I cannot imagine life apart from Him. He is the breathe that gives life, the hope that is not a disappointing fantasy.

He is not a passage through which we fulfill our dreams, He is the dream! I look forward to every morning, every new day and every moment in the unknown with Jesus because there – is emancipation from bondage! It is in Him that we find our being!

He is the Living water for a thirsty soul, the bread of life. The light of life in a darkened world and strength in times of weakness. His love is better than life and EVERY joy I have ever known is abased in the splendor of His being!

Nothing will ever be as good as Jesus, nothing!

Ice cream is cold and one scoop is a scoop too many at times! Man’s love is weird and quite uncertain in honest scrutiny! Clothes wear out, cars and houses evolve! Gifts can disappoint, a friend can go away, children grow up, and life… life can get exhausting!

But there’s never a dull moment with the Lord, He comforts, He counsels. He strengthens and aids. He doesn’t leave, He doesn’t change. He is everything we hope life would be but better, He is life, and nothing we could ever desire compares to Him!

His love is better than life!


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