Money Matters

Money Matters

Refer Luke 19:12-26 KJV.

The Bible is full of principles, secrets or keys about how the kingdom of GOD operates among men. These are critically important because they teach and show us how to get what we want from our Heavenly Father. In the reference Scripture above the LORD taught at length about money. 

A noble man went to a far country to receive for himself a kingdom. Before he did he called ten of his servants and gave them one pound each to do business until he returned. The first gained ten pounds more, and so did the second gain five and the third gave back to him what he was given. These men were called to account for what had been entrusted to their care by their master. Their financial management and faithfulness were put to the test.

The first servant was highly commended by his master and given ten cities to rule. The second was made ruler of five cities. These servants proved their faithfulness, accountability and responsibility with little money, and because of this they were duly rewarded with big responsibilities and riches. This proves that GOD tests us in little things before He can consider us for big things.

If He can trust us with money, riches, and possessions then He can trust us with true riches of heaven. Money has a special way of revealing one’s heart and loyalties. In the first instance, the Word says, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also,” Matthew 6:21 and secondly, “Ye cannot serve God and mammon,” Matthew 6:24. Money reveals both one’s heart and loyalty.

Furthermore, these men proved their financial management abilities. Although they were all given one pound each, equal amount, yet they performed differently. As such, they were rewarded differently according to their faithfulness and entrusted with more responsibilities according to their abilities.  GOD blesses us financially according to our faithfulness to Him and ability to handle money. It’s important to note that it’s about what you do with what GOD has given you, rather than how much you have.

This calls into play your attitude to money, i.e. your faithfulness, accountability and responsibility. The LORD is looking for your right attitude and faithfulness in the little that He’s already given you. The issue of money is an issue of the heart. GOD is looking for your heart in small things before He can entrust you with big things. The heart that handle big things can only be seen in the handling of small things.

The third servant was unfaithful and poor in handling money. He was castigated for it and stripped of the one pound that he’d been given. In the Kingdom unfaithfulness and carelessness with money are not rewarded. The unfaithful will lose even the little that they were given. The blessings of GOD test our heart and loyalty toward Him.

It’s easier to forget and to worship the blessing than the Blesser if one is not careful. We need to have a heart, attitude and disposition like Job’s, he remained loyal and faithful to GOD whether he had much or nothing. He blessed the LORD when he had much, and equally blessed Him when he had nothing.

GOD is looking for your heart in small things before He can entrust you with big things


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