A God Of His Word

A God Of His Word

For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us – 2 Corinthians 1:20.

The story of the Shunammite woman always blesses my soul whenever I read it (2 Kings 4). Not only because of the faith that this woman displays when she says  that “it is well” in the midst of trouble, but also because of how she knows who to run to in her distress. So this woman conceived a child after the man of God, Elisha, had declared that she would. Later on she gives birth and unfortunately the child dies. When this happens, she decides to journey back to the man of God who gave her the promise to inquire as to why it has now been taken away from her. 

I also love how when her husband asks her why she is going to the man of God when the child had died, she simply says, “It is well.” When Elisha’s servant asks her if she was okay, she also says, “It is well.” It is only when she gets to Elisha that she finally states her case. This means that she knew that the only person who was accountable for the promise she had received was the one who actually gave the prophecy.

GOD has promised a lot of God things to us His children, e.g. perfect health, security, prosperity, etc. When the enemy attacks or we go through trying times, most often we forget to turn back to GOD who gave us these promises. You will be the first person by the Dr’s room in the morning should you not be feeling well. You will take your phone and try reaching out to your “connections” should prosperity not come when and how you expect it. It is so easy just to give up, throw in the towel or turn to plan B.  

How many of us truly turn to GOD as our initial response to distress? How many of us really take His word back to Him, and hold Him to account when faced with adversity? GOD should not be our last resort when all else has failed, but our first point of contact. The fulfillment of a promise is only found in the one who has promised. You want to enjoy the promises of GOD in your life? Remind Him about them, hold Him at His word and refuse to let go until He blesses you. He is a GOD of His word.

How many of us truly turn to GOD as our initial response to distress?


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