I’d Rather Have Jesus

I’d Rather Have Jesus

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life – John 3:16.

God loved us so much, He gave us what He thought we needed most, His Son, Jesus! Imagine running to your ‘rich’ father because of a desparate situation, you get there and cry out “dad, dad I need your help, I’ve been unable to pay my bond and now the bank is threatening foreclosure”. Your father turns to you and says, “no problem, I’ll help you. Infact I will go over and above and exceed your expectation. Here take Jesus!” It’s only when you don’t know who Jesus is, what has been entrusted to Him, what He can do, and what His role in your life is that you will scoff at Him. Because you’ve already calculated what the bail out should be, you miss out on the biggest gift, the kind that can’t stop, won’t stop giving.

The instrument for our redemption isn’t a family member, it’s not money, it’s not education. it may feel redundant that ministers repeatedly say this line ‘you don’t need money!’, but in all true self reflection people love money, they still tend to look to something physical or whatever they believe is the best answer apart from what God would say which would require absolute faith, trust and patience. Reckon with it, we’ve been given Jesus as the sole salve for ALL life’s woes. I don’t care what it is, COVID-19 included.

The Bible tells us Jesus is the Son of the Father’s love, He’s not some thoughtless offering. The Father briefly parted with something (someone) very dear in order to gain us that we may gain Him. It was an act of pure love, a love that gives abundantly, leaving nothing out, an all encompassing love that stands the test of time, He gave us Himself, packaged in Christ. You could say it’s like if your ‘rich’ father upon hearing of your predicament just transfered all his estate to you, but that doesn’t even compare to what the Father has bestowed upon us. Thing is you have to walk in it by faith to truly experience and know it. So what’s it going to be? There’s Jesus and then there’s everything else!

“There’s Jesus and then there’s everything else!


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