A Definitive Experience

A Definitive Experience

Ref: John 3:3-8 NKJV 

You enter the kingdom of GOD through transformation, changing from one form of being into another. One has to be born again. The rebirth is not physical but spiritual. Natural birth results in physical being, but spiritual birth results in spiritual being. A born-again experience is a spiritual reality, a definitive experience that actually does take place. The kingdom of GOD is spiritual, so only those that are born again can enter. We are born again into the kingdom of GOD. 

When you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth (Romans 10:9) there is a change, a transformation, a definitive experience that takes place. It’s not just believing and confessing glibly, and suddenly you are saved. There is meaning and experience attached to things of GOD. They are spiritual realities. It is possible to believe and confess yet still not be saved. Salvation is an experience, a change and a transformation.

It is possible for a person to have and to know the word of GOD and believe it, and yet not know Jesus Christ. You may know what the Bible says about salvation, and yet not be saved. To be saved is to know Jesus Christ. We must be willing to come to Jesus that He might change and transform us. 

The person who has the Word, believes and does what it says is one who loves Jesus, and Jesus will reveal Himself to him (John 14:21, 23). True faith believes and does the word of GOD.  We need to ask ourselves if Jesus has ever revealed Himself in us after we believed. Jesus equates loving Him to believing and doing His Word. It is not possible to genuinely know the word of GOD by faith and not know the One it talks about. If we have truly believed Jesus, there is a standing, unchanging promise in Scripture that Jesus will reveal Himself to us. We must have a knowledge experience of Jesus Christ. It is only through a salvation experience that we are able to know Christ. To be saved is to know the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Anyone who is in Christ is a new creature, a new species of being. This is a real and definitive reality. We know that we are born again because the Holy Spirit witnesses with our born-again, recreated, regenerated spirit that we are children of GOD. We must have an intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Because we are now new species of beings, the world does not know us. We are strange to the world, and the world is strange to us. Therefore, we do not bother ourselves about the strange happenings in the world, such as in this time of a so-called viral outbreak. We are in GOD; we are not at the mercy of carnality. True sons of GOD need to be revealed to take charge and authority over the natural order of things. Don’t worry about the darkness in the world; worry about whether or not there is light in you.

We must be born again and not assume that we are. The Kingdom does not come by observation. The Kingdom is within you. To know that you are born again is when Christ is revealed in you. The supernatural superintends the natural. Do you know Jesus or you think you know Jesus? We live in perilous times; therefore it is even more pertinent that we know the Person of Jesus Christ. It is a personal experience to be had.

Don’t worry about the darkness in the world; worry about whether or not there is light in you


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