Autopsy Of Patient 35 AKA Christianity

Autopsy Of Patient 35 AKA Christianity

Teach your children right from wrong, and when they are grown they will still do right – Proverbs 22:6 CEV.

When you speak to older Christians they tell stories about how intense and genuine Christianity used to be. They speak of how authentic messages were the norm and how there was no compromise in the delivery. Yet if you look at Christianity now it’s difficult to believe we are still talking about the same belief system. We refer to some people as God’s generals and we admire how they impacted their generations. My question is where did it all go wrong? When did we take the off-ramp and leave our highway of faith?

I’m gonna try to do an autopsy and find out what is the cause of death (an expose if you may). The above Scripture highlights the importance of passing on principles and teachings from one generation to the next. How as a parent you are meant to teach your children the truth and instill in them the discipline that GOD expects from them. If you look at Islam, Hinduism and other religions they are steadfast in their beliefs and what they teach their kids. Every midday on Friday all Muslims know what is expected of them and they are uncompromising. I’ve seen Muslim doctors walk out of casualty to go pray. It’s become such a norm that we make plans around their prayer time so we can accommodate them. This is so because Muslim parents teach their kids the law and it’s non-negotiable. They even close down their businesses when it’s prayer time.

As Christians we have watered down our belief/faith and have compromised so much that our kids don’t know what to believe. In Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (especially verse seven) GOD instructs the Israelites that they should teach their children His laws. Every opportunity we get we must instruct them in the law so that when they have their own offspring they can do the same. This way God’s laws and principles are passed on through many generations. I believe the mess we are in now is caused by the inefficiency of our parents to keep this very crucial instruction. Kids don’t know because they were never taught, those that were taught some are confused because the parents are not leading by example. Another factor is parents not playing a role in their kids’ lives.

The onus is on us to teach these things to our children, it ends with us. We are the generation that will impart wisdom and discipline to their offspring. My kids will know tithe and offering, not as a request but as an instruction. They will know GOD comes first and everything else secondary. They will know the word and how to apply it. They will know that Sunday is dedicated to GOD and if need be they will spend the whole day at church. They will grow up uncompromising and on fire for GOD. They will be like the Christians of old and God’s generals in the making. They will resuscitate the ailing patient that is Christianity.

To all the Christian parents out there what are you doing today that will ensure you are leaving a God legacy for you children? If not what are you waiting for? If indifferent, is He truly your GOD? 

As Christians we have watered down our belief/faith and have compromised so much that our kids don’t know what to believe


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