Spirits & Humans

Spirits & Humans

Ref Ezekiel 36:26-27

Life is spiritual. Everything happening around you, around us and around the world is spiritual. The spiritual world never sleeps nor slumbers, it’s always awake; conniving, planning and plotting. Nothing quite happens by chance, accident or mistake. Decisions and plans made in secret play out in the open. There is a universe parallel to ours; it’s secret, invisible and hidden from plain sight. It affects and influences life and course of events on earth. Essentially when we are born again, we’re born again into the spiritual universe and reality. We inhabit both the seen and the unseen realms simultaneously. But not only that, we’re also inhabited by the unseen!

Yes, so much so that GOD inhabits us. The Holy Spirit comes and makes Himself at home in our earthly, fragile and decaying bodies. The Divine inhabits flesh and blood. The irony! But it’s the Father’s perfect will for us, His most dear and special children. Eternity inhabits us. We have passed from death to life (1 John 3:14), and have become partakers of life and immortality, i.e. life forevermore. Glory in the Highest! Brethren, we’re children of GOD, spiritual and eternal in Him. We have no end of days, because we’re the offspring of the Ancient of Days. We’re sharers in His glory, honor and power. We’re one with heaven; we’re of heaven on earth. Everything we experience now as touching corporeality is temporary and passing.

Satan, the king of the underworld, takes advantage of, exploits, inhabits, influences and uses the people GOD created in His form and likeness. He’s hell-bent to steal, kill and destroy God’s precious souls. He’s armed with an infinite number of evil spirits or demons. They have superlative advantage over earthlings because they’re spiritual, invisible and undetectable. They’re devious. They destroy human life stealthily. They steal love, joy, peace and life from humans. Satan is indeed singlehandedly responsible for all the evil in the world. With his hordes of devils, they want to destroy and kill as many people as possible. With His righteous host, Jesus wants to save as many people as possible (2 Peter 3:9), give them back life and immortality, love, joy, peace and all of God’s blessings (Romans 5:17.

There is a universe parallel to ours


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