You Are All God Needs

You Are All God Needs

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” – Exodus 3:11 NIV.

Religion has fooled so many believers into thinking that GOD wants something from them other than just themselves. Religion gives an impression that there is something one can do by their own might for GOD. Many believers go searching for means and ways they can become better candidates to be used by GOD. Some think theology, their wealth, education, etiquette, etc. somewhat qualifies them to be effectively used by GOD. The truth of the matter however is that GOD wants nothing from us but just ourselves. 

If we look at the life of Moses, he was a mere shepherd, nothing really special about him yet GOD still chose him. When GOD called him, his response was, “I am a nobody.” He really didn’t think there was something of worth he could offer to GOD. From the moment Moses said yes to the will of GOD, GOD proved to him that He never expected much from him but his availability and willingness.

When Moses went about his business as a shepherd, he had on him his rod that all shepherds carried by the way. That very same rod was used by GOD to perform a lot of wonders through Moses. Why a rod? Because GOD does not need your wealth, education or etiquette, He can use a mere rod to do whatever He wants to do. The best thing you can give to GOD is yourself. Do not hold off from GOD because you are still trying to “get things together”. A willing heart is all it takes for GOD to work in you and through you. So, what’s in your hand? Are you willing to lay it down so GOD can make it come to life, and work wonders in the world?

Do not hold off from GOD because you are still trying to get things together


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