Pursuit Of The Ultimate Prize

Pursuit Of The Ultimate Prize

Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! – 1 Corinthians 9:24 NLT.

I’ve recently been watching a documentary about Chicago Bulls and how during the 90s they were unstoppable. Though it was a group of individuals coming together as a team it’s Michael Jordan (MJ) who was the greatest amongst them. Here is a team of professionals yet one individual is regarded the best baller of all time. Same rules, same environment and same team yet he was the greatest. He was the wealthiest among them and what touched my heart was that he said he didn’t chase all these endorsements and the money but what he focused on was his craft. He just excelled in what he was called to do and the rest followed him.

In Christianity we are all called into the light and have all received the same grace. Yet some people are remembered more than others. Some people are used mightily and they are referred to as generals. In above Scripture Paul highlights the fact that though he has been given the gift he continues to pursue perfection. He doesn’t sit on his laurels but continues to fight the good fight of faith. Though the outcome (salvation) is the same for all believers he still aims to be the best at what he does. He strives to excel as one looking to win a prize. He has given himself fully to the ministry and will not accept anything less than perfection.

As Christians our goal should also be to excel in our pursuit of GOD and in the knowledge of who He is. We ought to engage ourselves like people competing to win the prize, compete as though only one person will be rewarded. This would do away with our lackluster performance when it comes to things of the kingdom. Paul’s focus was only on doing what GOD has called him to do. He didn’t even have time for marriage and felt that every moment should be dedicated to this pursuit. Like MJ people are still talking about him even today because of this attitude. Like Paul may we also boast that we have surpassed our peers. 

As Christians our goal should also be to excel in our pursuit of GOD


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