Where The Will Of God Is Not Known

Where The Will Of God Is Not Known

Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint – Proverbs 29:18 NIV.

After having heard this word, I see spiritual discernment as being switched on to the Spirit. The Bible says God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). The flesh profits nothing in this exchange, if I don’t adopt all the ways of this new country I cannot thrive here. And if I am to live here I need knowledge on how to make it here. The best teacher is the Holy Spirit who speaks into our hearts and whom we obey by faith to the end that we are pleasing to God. My personal yardstick is always disorder, when I sense that things are just not in alignment, that there is no flow in my day to day living I know that I parted with the Holy Spirit somewhere and one glaring characteristic of this departure is not knowing what to do next.

One of the standout statements of the teaching was when the man of God said, “Without discernment we will not be able to tell between God’s purpose and the devil’s purpose”, and that’s a shocking realisation. The enemy is unrelenting using any and every opportunity he can get to infiltrate our lives, systematically breaking us down. We need discernment to know what is the permissible, the acceptable and the perfect will of God for us and also what is not the will of God for us. Because the minute our lives are not bearing fruit we know a wrong force has contaminated the waters.

God is amazing in that He desires full and personal involvement with us. He wants to be able to lead and instruct us by His Spirit from withing, this is precious. Because while it is best to seek counsel among the wise, it’s not all the time that they have the answers for you, that’s when you need to hear from God, desperately, and that’s when He speaks to us unambiguously. If we don’t hear from the Lord disorder will result, and chaos can be paralyzing and that’s not the heart of God for us. We don’t only need to know the will of God every step of the way, it is the only way to live the Christian life effectively and God wants us in on what He is doing!


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