God Looks At The Heart: A New Heart

God Looks At The Heart: A New Heart

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new – 2 Corinthians 5:17

New means new, period. I am a new creature in Christ because He has given me a new heart and sealed me with His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is so close, His promptings are so real and holy that you cannot second guess whether you heard Him or something else. Remember when you seriously turned your life back to God, or when you first got born again, it was the easiest thing to break off wrong relations, it was easy to stop the sin that had ensnared you and the hunger and zeal for holiness drove you. It is completely supernatural, you move with neither flinch or thought. It is a very powerful phase in ones life and testament to the rest of your Christian walk.

We complicate our lives when we allow deception to seep in and throw us off track. You will know you are on this trail when you start editing God’s Word to justify your desires and when you start making excuses for sin. The old person has died, you are now someone completely different. When people want a different life for themselves, a brand new start, they tend to clean everything out. Right down to the kind of toothbrush and toothpaste they use changes because they want to be done with the old self, they want no traces of their former life. When we are born again these changes come with the package but we tend to seek out the known and trusted old way blinded to the idea that the old and trusted is exactly what kept us down all along.

When you are born again you know it, it is not an illusive thing where you’re unsure, Holy Spirit informs every sinle aspect of your new life right to the smallest detail, when you are grieving Him you will know it and the rest is what you decide to sow towards. Isn’t it amazing how when we want something for example a car, we starting saving up for it and painfully go through the process of obtaining a license, that’s sacrifice, we are not deterred when we are declined by the banks, that’s patience, long suffering and endurance, we fight to stay focused on our goal while gazing at pictures of our dream car longingly, that’s determination. But when it comes to our salvation, any small thing, we are ready to give up, that is ironic, it is absence of love, and if there’s no love God is not there. That heart needs to be checked, that salvation story needs to be revisited. God never fails!

If there is no love, God is not there!


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