Genuine Faith Is A Necessity

Genuine Faith Is A Necessity

And Jesus said to him, “If you can?! All things are possible to him who believes,” Mark 9:23 NASB.

A young boy is brought to Jesus for deliverance as he is possessed by a demon. The father of this child desperately asks Jesus to help him and Jesus responds to him by saying, “If you can, all things are possible to him who believes.” This means that there is nothing that GOD cannot do for men unless they believe. The ‘all things’ that Jesus is referring to is limited only to those things that can be believed by men. GOD is not in any way limited in His doing, there is nothing He can’t possibly do. So what really limits us is our believing. In this passage of Scripture GOD is saying to us, “I have no limitations, if you can believe Me, I can do it.”

I do not know about you but this to me was a game changer regarding having faith in GOD, not just any faith but genuine faith. Having genuine faith in GOD is the only guarantee I have into living a limitless life. GOD can do for me as much as my faith can allow Him. GOD wants us to live a life without limits and of abundance; the extent to which we partake of such life depends on how genuine our faith in Him is, and how far we are willing to stretch as far as our believing is concerned.

Faith is a necessity in a life of a Christian, it ushers you to a place where GOD wants you to be, to the fulfillment of His promises in your life. While not being ignorant of the fact that faith has to be tested to prove its genuineness, because that is also a necessity but beyond the testing comes the greater reward which is the fulfillment of the promises. GOD can do for you as much as your faith allows Him, so strive to ensure the authenticity of your faith. In times of fire or testing, persevere and don’t give up. 

Having genuine faith in GOD is the only guarantee I have into living a limitless life


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