Giving Is Divine

Giving Is Divine

But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned – 1 Corinthians 2:14.

There is so much to draw from yesterday’s teaching. These things are trully to be studied and sort out in order to be understood, in order to be obeyed. I want to highlight in my writing today ‘Giving’ as a spiritual principle. We know that as believers we ought no longer to walk after the flesh but after the spirit (Romans 8) and by the spirit we have to learn spiritual things in order to lead successful spiritual lives. So giving in the Kingdom is not merely a physical act, it doesn’t start in the natural, it is not about the action but the spirit behind. It starts in the spirit, and I dare say that when we have not given according to knowledge and understanding, we have not yet given aright!

I want to draw your attention to Abraham, his willingness to give his only son for whom he waited for years, who would do that in this day and age? It’s a deeper level of awareness and understanding, even the things he thought to himself, believing that God was able to give him back his son, it points to understanding that is transcendent, and I ask myself how does that state of spiritual consciousness come about? Elijah and the widow of zarephath, the boldness that Elijah had to give such an instruction! I imagine that it looked bad at the time, why would you man of God, man of miracles, signs and wonders, why would you make such a request of a beggarly widow and her young son? There’s something the man of God understood about the solution to the woman’s state that was not sensory, it was spiritual, and the spiritual requires obedience, that’s the key to understanding, because it is by faith that this understanding comes about.

These are truly fascinating things to learn, what is more mind blowing is that these principles work. The Father is not requiring us just to do something to test us, it is spiritual law, He couldn’t escape this law, because in order to inherit more sons He gave His first and best, and now He is receiving us who have believed and received Christ! I see us confronted with a challenge to seek out these things in order to receive them, in order to perceive them, to live by them to experience the fruit thereby, and to understand them. It is the only way we can live a truly spiritual life. It will definitely not surfice just to take the preacher’s word on this (even though that is how faith comes) but a lot of Christians are hardened by worldliness and there’s need for knowledge and purity in understanding things of the Kingdom, so it comes back to us to find out how things work, otherwise we ourselves will not be able to preach truth to others!

…and I dare say that when we have not given according to knowledge and understanding, we have not yet given aright!


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