The Spirit Of Liberty

The Spirit Of Liberty

My Perspective: The Spirit Of Liberty

(Pastor Vuyani Dombo)

It is true what the Prophet said yesterday, that since we have the Spirit of liberty living inside of us, this has limitless implications in our lives. I admit to being one of those who never fully appreciated the depth of this fact, however when thinking on the contrasting life of a prisoner to that of a free man, it struck a chord in me. A prisoner is confined, stuck in one place, starved of certain privileges, excluded from opportunities, facing punishment and has his life contained to the place of his master’s choosing. A free citizen however is able to choose the quality of life they want to live. This is a life without limits where one can pursue their potential to the full without even considering what limitations exist in the prison because they are outside. Now, to hear God say to me that He has given me His own Spirit, and because of Holy Spirit living in me, there can be NO LIMITS in my life, makes me realize that as a Christian, the only limits that I have are the ones I place on myself!

The truth is, if I have fully grasped this fact that because I am a Christian, empowered by the Holy Spirit, I have such freedom that unbelievers cannot even imagine and I can never ever look to any unbeliever as my inspiration.

I have been made better by the Holy Spirit and I have Jesus as my greatest example, and I only need to renew my mind that there are absolutely no limits in what I can do when I move with the Holy Spirit. I thank God that even as we learn about the magnitude of what we carry, we realize how powerless the devil is in our lives. The key thing is the MIND! I have so much to rethink and reset of what I believe in my mind based on my understanding of this world. For example, if cancer is likely fatal in this world, it is only fatal according to the limitations of this world. I am free from this limitation, so since death is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of cancer, I need to be renewed in my mind. This is being open to a completely new supernatural reality! I have so much to unlearn from this world and to relearn from the Holy Spirit. Now I know why renewing of the mind is so important. It is the difference between slave and king.

The Liberator lives within me, and I know from the teaching that I only need to know my Liberator and learn from Him what His truth is to tap into God’s potential over my life.  How close I am to the Holy Spirit literally determines the quality of my life. May the LORD help me to make all room available for the Spirit of Liberty in my life, even if it means losing my valued opinion or credibility in this world. Life lies outside of this world after all!


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