We Have Authority, We Have The Power

We Have Authority, We Have The Power

Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you – Luke 10:19 AMPC.

We learnt yesterday that Father God delegated all authority and power upon Christ Jesus our Lord (Philippians 2:9-11), and Jesus subsequently delegated all authority and power to us! We have all authority and power, we have the Spirit without measure! Why are we squirming under the intimidation of COVID 19 when we clearly have been endued with all authority and power? Maybe we have not considered that this scourge of COVID 19 is just a noisome pestilence, it is the serpent and scorpion mentioned in scripture and Christ has given us authority over all of it! When I think deeper about what Christ did with the power He was alloted, He walked as God among man in the flesh, He modelled the life we ought to be living now, walking as gods among man. He wasn’t vexed by sin, He subdued the flesh. He wasn’t ruled by impulses, but He enforced Kingdom living on the earth in the flesh by the Spirit with all authority and power. And this He did for us to walk in the same, ruling and reigning over everything. Everything is under our feet!

Everything in creation is subject to the sons of God, who know the authority and power they have been given. The account of Jesus and the fig tree puts it as plainly as it can be put (Mark 11:12-25), Jesus spoke to nature and nature responded. Nature is subject to us! It ought to be subject to a child of God with enough spiritual sense to subject it, otherwise nature will control you as if you were not delivered from it (1 John 5:19)(Colossians 1:13). Chrisitians who believe in “nature taking its course” are exposing their love for the world, because if they loved the Lord they would not be ashamed of His Word which goes contrary to nature, they prefer to not speak the Word because it embarasses them to confess infront of other people what the Word says, they are ashamed of Him and His Words. But if they come alive to the authority and power they have been given through these seemingly ridiculous utterances of faith they will speak to their bodies, they will speak to symtoms, they will speak to their bank accounts, they will speak to anything in nature and not care what the world thinks.

The power we have been given is absolute, not nature. If nature was absolute why did the fig tree dry up from the roots? Whey did the sea part? Why was Goliath dropped by a measly boy? How did Elijah, one man slaughtered 450 false prophets? How did the fire not consume the three Hebrew boys, how did the lions not devour Daniel? If nature was absolute how did Jesus rise from the dead, how is He seated at the right hand of power ruling and reigning even through us? How did Paul get bitten by a vernomous viper and just shake it off? How was John put in boiling oil and did not die? All these accounts are unatural, they are proof that nature is not absolute, God is, Jesus is, the power from God is, this power is in us, we, are absolute!

The power we have been given is absolute, not nature!


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