Love, A Kingdom Order

Love, A Kingdom Order

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another – John 13:34.

As Christians we ought to be known by our love. We learnt from the teaching (Kingdom Order: The Love Imperative) that love comes naturally for a child of God. Romans 5:5 tells us that we have love already that the Lord poured out into our hearts, we don’t have to pray for it, we have it. We are love, as God is love. The man of God said if God hadn’t poured out His love into us it would make it impossible for us to love, this is amazing to me, and it tells us how spiritual love is. The Lord is expecting of us to work out what He has already worked into us. So one cannot say that they have a hard time loving so and so, but we should fan up the flames of what has already been deposited, speak it and enforce it. The thing we should be fighting against is whatever causes us to depart from this charge.

The man of God went on to emphasize how important it is to love not only in word but indeed. It’s not what we say and it shouldn’t be just what we say but what we do. God showed us His love by what He did, and this is how we can fulfill 1 Peter 1:22, how else can one show forth passion without action? The Lord taught me this by bringing my attention to my love for my siblings, this love moves mountains, forgives quickly, I jump and am available to them at any time for any reason (within reason), and the Lord said that’s how you ought to love the brethren. The most fascinating aspect to observe here is that I have that ability to do that for someone, and note that not every sibling relationship is like that, so there has been a conscious effort here to build and enrich this relationship through actions, through care, through initiative, and the Lord says you are able and this is how you ought to love others.

As believers we cannot afford to make excuses for our discord, where there is unrest among us it should be easy to resolve and we should endeavor to resolve our differences. It is not good for us to think that it is okay to continue on in strife and discord, it talks of our ignorance, it talks of rebellion it may well mean we are backslidden. Love is synonymous with our salvation, we ought to pursue it with one another as we pursue spiritual growth. We will have disagreements and might find ourselves having committed wrong against each other, but these should be resolved quickly because of love and must not breed resentment. This teaching has made it clear to me that love is not for the mature, but love is for the saved!

Love is not for the mature, love is for the saved!


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