Kingdom Order: The Love Imperative

Kingdom Order: The Love Imperative

(Compiled by Pastor Vuyani Dombo)     

When we are born again the first thing that we have to do is love one another. This means loving the members of the new family into which we are born again, in honesty, in truth, deeply and wholeheartedly (1 Peter 1:22-23a). This is the sincere, true, heartfelt, and unforced love of GOD which comes naturally for a believer. Most importantly, the truth of love is in doing, i.e. love, not in word only, but in deed and in action.   

The Word of GOD instructs believers to love because every believer has received the love of GOD in abundance. Love is thus what we have already and who we are already, because when we were born again, we were given the Holy Spirit and He poured out His love in our hearts abundantly. If GOD had not given us love, it would be impossible for us to identify with Him, and so love is imperative in the Kingdom of GOD. Love is the manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit within a believer because it is through and by the Holy Spirit that we can love. Any believer who cannot manifest the presence of Holy Spirit in their lives through loving others could either be ignorant of who they are, in a backslidden state, or they are not born again whatsoever.  

There is one kind of love: The love of GOD. GOD is love and Jesus is love, therefore we are love, love is the essence of who GOD is and we are the offspring of love. We abide in GOD and GOD abides in us through love, therefore we are one with GOD only through love. We have to love one another as GOD has loved us and this is how we ought to love in the Kingdom:   

1. The substance of love is in DOING, in ACTION.  2. GOD wants us to love FIRST by taking the initiative. We cannot be children of GOD and complain about how others are treating us. Complaining believers breed bitterness and GOD expects us to love despite how we are treated.  3. We should pray for those who cause us pain that GOD may help them. 4. GOD loves indiscriminately, so we also ought to be able to love both our friends and foes. The love of GOD is not selective.  

Without love, faith cannot operate; faith works and operates through and with love. Unselfish love for others growing out of GOD’s love for me is the greatest in GOD’s Kingdom.      

We abide in GOD and He abides in us through love, therefore we are one with Him ONLY through love


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