Challenges Are Not The Absence Of GOD’s Will

Challenges Are Not The Absence Of GOD’s Will

Sunday Message Summary, 16 August 2020

(Compiled by Pastor Vuyani Dombo)

There have been many challenges that have come with the season that we are in, however, we must not be tempted to think that GOD has abandoned, forsaken, and forgotten all about us. These challenges do not signal the absence of GOD in our lives. GOD exists from eternity to eternity, and He is always there. Moreover, He has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We need to refocus on what really matters: GOD and His will and purpose for our lives.

Jesus makes it clear that in this world there will always be trials, temptations, and troubles (John 16:33). It should therefore not be strange for a child of GOD when they are passing through turbulent times. The devil is the ruler of this world, he is found in this world and very active in this world. When the Shunammite woman lost her one and only son (2 Kings 4:27-28), who had come through the expressed will of GOD, it did not mean that the child was not the will of the LORD in the first place. The Word that Prophet Elisha gave was indeed a Word from GOD. We do not always know the reason why things are happening to us, GOD does not always tell us why things are happening to us, and such was the humility of Prophet Elisha that he spoke only what he knew and what he did not know, he did not know. There are things that GOD has not revealed and things that GOD will not reveal, but the things that GOD has revealed and the things He will reveal belong to us (Deuteronomy 29:29). Even all the prophets know in part and prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9) and we do not know nor understand everything concerning anything and everything in our lives. There is One who knows and understands everything, so we should be humble, never give up nor lose hope, and look to GOD for He can truly be trusted. Let us not rush to make a conclusion on things that GOD did not make a conclusion on.

The response and reaction of Joseph’s brothers (envy, hatred, and betrayal) to his dreams does not negate the fact that his dreams came from GOD (Genesis 37:18-20). In fact, at this point, Joseph was right in the middle of the will, purpose, and plan of GOD for His life. Joseph had to become a slave so that others could be set free. Joseph had to learn wisdom by the things he suffered, was promoted, and entrusted to teach others wisdom.  Similarly, David did not anticipate the difficulties that would follow the victory against the Philistine (1 Samuel 18:6-9), but GOD knew all these things all too well. GOD knows what you are passing through, He has prepared a way out for you and He has also prepared a great end for you. Let us not allow pain, grief, and sorrow to drive us away from the plan, will, and purpose of GOD for our lives. What you are going through and what you lose does not mean it did not come from GOD in the first place. The prophecy, promise, and vision you receive from the LORD will test you sometimes. We need to have our gaze fixed on the One who gives us all things to enjoy.

When Jesus prayed at the Mount of Olives (Luke 22:42), He understood that challenges, tests, and troubles are not necessarily the absence of the will and purpose of GOD. In the pain, suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, and crucifixion of Jesus was the will, plan, and purpose of GOD. Sometimes troubles, tests, and trials are the only things GOD uses to speak, guide, lead, and direct us. When we are passing through things we do not understand, we should not be quick to reject them, nor blame it on GOD or somebody else. It could be that on the way to your breakthrough and blessing you must pass through the tempest. GOD knows the end of your challenge from the beginning, so we always begin from a place of victory. Time will come and go and the things that time brings with it will come and go, so when you are going through troubles, trials and challenges consider the following according to Ephesians 5:15-17:

  1. Be aware/conscious of what is happening in the spirit & be wise.
  2. Time is never on your side. You only have enough time to fulfill the calling and purpose of GOD.
  3. Maximize the moment & opportunity you are given today; you might not have the moment & opportunity tomorrow, and you might not have a tomorrow.
  4. Spend as much time as possible on Godly goals & pursuits.
  5. Understand what GOD wants to be done of you, when, where, and how.
  6. Living cautiously in the fear of GOD and maximizing every God-given moment & opportunity is wisdom.
  7. Live with the LORD always before you, receiving & following His orders.
  8. Do not get so lost in the happenings of the day that you lose your sense of divine focus & direction

There is nothing that GOD does not know or that catches Him by surprise. When bad things happen in our lives and we do not understand them, we should not begin to blame and accuse them. You are walking in the will and purpose of the LORD until you begin to blame and accuse yet without understanding. It is okay not to know, however it does not mean that GOD is absent in our lives. GOD will never change His mind concerning your life. Even when we are in the eye of the storm, we can rest assured that we are safe in the arms of our LORD and Saviour.

Let us not allow pain, grief, and sorrow to drive us away from the plan, will, and purpose of GOD for our lives.


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