The Simplicity Of Christ

The Simplicity Of Christ

(Compiled by Pastor Vuyani Dombo)

The devil dilutes and distorts the gospel with the aim of deceiving unbelievers and believers that are gullible. Satan deceives people and corrupts their minds from the simplicity of the gospel (2 Corinthians 11:3). Deception is not far from truth, so Satan does not completely remove the truth, but makes adjustments to it. There are false ministers in the church being used by the devil to dilute and distort the gospel, tweaking the gospel in order to excuse their immoral ways, preying on the people of GOD that are unsuspecting, and preaching a message that supports their agenda. These false leaders are the ones causing division in the body of Christ. They do not operate by the Spirit of GOD, but it is the spirit that is behind them, the devil himself, who causes them to further his agenda. The devil comes to rob us of the blessings, freedom, and victory in Christ Jesus.

According to 2 Corinthians 11:14, these are marks of deception in the church: (1) If a person preaches another Jesus, (2) if you receive from them another spirit which is not the Holy Spirit, and (3) if they preach another gospel. Deception is not far from the truth, and we should not believe any and everyone because they call the name of Jesus, claim to operate by the Holy Spirit, or read Scripture. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, so when someone teaches a lie, they do not operate by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of truth who lives in us, is greater than the devil in the world, who is a spirit of deception (1 John 4:4-5), and we that are truly born again, who have received the Holy Spirit, cannot be deceived by people who are masquerading the Word of GOD. Without the Holy Spirit, it is impossible not to be deceived. It is the Holy Spirit who will cause you not to hear someone who is not from Him. If we are following a teacher or preaching without discernment, we must consider where we stand with our salvation. Every person who is born again receives the Holy Spirit, so the emphasis should be on people of GOD being truly born again.

 We are born again because we have the message of Jesus Christ preached to us and the Holy Spirit remains in us and with us, and through the Holy Spirit GOD continues to work miracles, signs and wonders in our lives. It is when we look outside of Christ that we get trapped in deception. We are sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. When we depart from the simplicity of Christ and the Gospel, we jump straight into Satan’s deception and get defeated. The message about Jesus is the power of GOD to save to the uttermost, and to give you what you desire, so the preaching and teaching as inspired by the Holy Spirit, must be backed up with the Holy Spirit and power. We do not need any eloquence of man, but we need the Word of GOD as inspired by the Holy Spirit, by which we will have endless breakthroughs in our lives. GOD’s righteousness is the simplicity of the Gospel. The Gospel, our faith, and the things of GOD are profound in simplicity. If we have need, we only need to look for the Gospel, because we were born again by the Word of GOD (the incorruptible seed) in the first place. Believing with our hearts and confessing with our mouths is the cornerstone of our Gospel, and whoever believes on Jesus will not be embarrassed.

GOD tests the hearts of His own servants, and true servants have a conscience because GOD examines their hearts. There are however many people who have gone out not being approved or entrusted with the Gospel. We therefore ought to be careful of people who use flattering words, promising Heaven and Earth, those who are out to get money, and those who are seeking their own glory. Such people lead us away from the simplicity of the Gospel, and the power of Jesus and the Gospel is in its simplicity.

We do not need any eloquence of man, but we need the Word of GOD as inspired by the Holy Spirit, by which we will have endless breakthroughs in our lives.


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