Your Story Is Not Over

Your Story Is Not Over

(Compiled by Pastor Vuyani Dombo)

In these days of unsteady circumstances, the LORD says do not worry, nor discouraged or dismayed, for not only will He strengthen you, but He will uphold you, keeping a firm grip on you (Isaiah 41:10). The storms of life will come but they will not sweep you away nor will they wash you away. God’s faithfulness is proven, tried, and tested, so do not fear for He is with you. GOD bought your freedom, so He will not allow anything to happen to you. He will not pay such a great price for you and then leave you for destruction. When you walk through the fire of depression, discouragement or despair, the flames will not scorch you. GOD gave the best He could offer for you, so what is there that He could withhold from you? (Romans 8:32)

When we look at everything GOD has done, in comparison we seem so tiny. So, what is it about us that GOD loves us so much? GOD made everything in and with detail, there is nothing about us, in us, and with us that GOD is not aware of. We are God’s workmanship, His work of art, and He made everything perfect. GOD decided how many days you are going to live, even before you were formed in your mother’s womb. When He begins to talk to you in His Word concerning you, believe Him because He knows what He is talking about. Whether or not you know Him, He loves you because He made you for Himself.

Revival comes with comfort, so GOD is here to comfort you, having mercy on the afflicted. GOD knows what you have gone through, now He has come for you, to invite you and bring you closer to Him. There is a bond between mother and child that does not exist anywhere else in nature, but even with that bond a mother can forget, yet GOD will NEVER forget you (Isaiah 49:15). GOD knows why He made you, He has inscribed you on the palms of His hands, and it is impossible for Him to forget you (Isaiah 49:16). GOD will prepare a table for you in the presence of those who hate you (Psalm 23:5). IT IS NOT OVER! What GOD has given you no man can take away from you!

GOD will not pay such a great price for you and then leave you for destruction.


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