A Seeking Heart In Prayer

A Seeking Heart In Prayer

Sunday Message Summary, 22 November 2020

Seeking GOD for GOD is very distinct from seeking GOD for things. Seeking the face of GOD is not seeking GOD for things, nor is it seeking our own desires, but it is seeking to know God’s desires. Seeking the face of GOD is seeking the person of GOD, His mind, will, desire, & presence. Those that love GOD will seek for Him, seeking GOD with their whole heart, and it is a standing, unchanging promise that GOD will reveal Himself to, and hear the one who seeks His face (Jeremiah 29:12-13). Those who love GOD are provided for and taken care of by GOD (Psalm 91:14-16).

Solomon had the reverential fear of GOD and loved Him. Therefore, he was selfless & the purpose of his life was to please GOD. As a result of asking GOD for what pleased Him, Solomon received riches and honor from GOD that he did not ask for (1 Kings 3:5, 9-13). These are the same things that people are backsliding and selling their souls for. GOD does for those who love Him what they haven’t even asked for. The people who are occupied with their love for GOD and His desire, and seek the face of GOD, will be answered by GOD before they ask (Isaiah 65:24). If we know that GOD has prepared and reserved everything for us, why would we seek for it?

A blessed generation is a generation that seeks the face of GOD, seeking GOD for GOD, and the revelations of GOD belong to such (Jeremiah 33:3). It is not the ‘what’ we need, but the ‘Who’. Those who have an encounter with Jesus seek only what GOD seeks and not what they seek, and after such an encounter we will only want what GOD wants, not what we want (Acts 9:3-6). Prayer is thus a place of death to self, a place of humility, and in true prayer our will dies. Those who love GOD seek Him earnestly in prayer.

Seeking the face of GOD is seeking the person of GOD, His mind, will, desire, & presence.



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