I Will Give You Shepherds

I Will Give You Shepherds

Sunday Message Summary, 20 December 2020

Jesus is the Chief Shepherd, it is Christ who leads us into freedom by His Word, but for the sheep to follow Him we must hear His voice.  Everyone who is truly born again is able to hear the voice of Jesus because it is in the nature of a born-again believer to hear His voice (John 10:27). GOD has worked out this mechanism so that His children are deception-proof. We are new creatures and partakers of the divine nature, so every child of GOD is able to distinguish His voice and will by no means follow a stranger but will flee from them. Adam, for example, was not deceived by Satan but he was deceived by Eve due to lack of discernment (1 Timothy 2:14). From this we learn that the most convenient person to mislead you is the one closest to you, and there is no one and nothing that should and can take the place of discernment.

When the LORD called to Samuel, He called out to him in the voice of his shepherd Eli (1 Samuel 3:4-8). Why is this? Eli was a shepherd that was chosen for Samuel by GOD Himself. We don’t choose pastors for ourselves because it is GOD who chooses and gives shepherds (Jeremiah 3:15). Just as we cannot choose our biological parents in the natural, so it is in the spiritual. God must package the minister with knowledge and understanding to give to the flock and this is knowledge, wisdom and understanding that only GOD can give. GOD has given ministers in the Kingdom however we do not have many fathers in Christ (1 Corinthians 4:15). These are people who have a responsibility and oversight over us. This is significant because there are things that GOD will communicate to us only through such people, & if we don’t imitate the people GOD has given to us in our lives, we may imitate imposters and charlatans.

Children don’t always do what their parents say but what they do. There are therefore checks and balances in Scripture for the people we follow, who teach us and who speak into our lives, because anyone can teach but the life must be in keeping to Scripture. A father is not only what they say but it is a way of life. The question is whether or not this way of life is worthy of emulation because followers will know that it is possible to live Scripture when they see it in the shepherd. Anyone can teach the right thing but not everyone can live the right thing. True ministers unite the body of Christ, not dividing it; they fill us with knowledge and understanding; spiritual maturity comes from the shepherds that GOD has chosen for us; true ministers have a protective role over the church; and true ministers grow the body of Christ, not destroying it (Ephesians 4:8,11-15). A true minister/servant of GOD will protect and take care of the flock (Acts 20:28). This is a protective and nurturing role.

If we do not obey and submit ourselves under the shepherds who have spiritual oversight over us, we will not profit from them even though they are gifts for us (Hebrews 13:17). Only if we receive the Lord’s shepherds will we received a reward (Hebrews 10:41), like the widow who received and obeyed Prophet Elijah & received a supernatural supply (1 Kings 17:15-16).

Only if we receive the Lord’s shepherds will we received a reward


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