The Time Of Sifting

The Time Of Sifting

Message Summary, 30 December 2020

Many things are currently happening that are beyond our control, but we must understand what is happening on the side of GOD. This is a season of shaking/separation for the body of Christ, for things that need to be removed to be removed. In this season, our assumptions that we are fine are being tested as GOD allows circumstances that bring a shifting. In this season Satan has one goal: to destroy the church of Jesus Christ. However, the devil can do nothing without the permission of Heaven, and GOD is allowing this for the purification of the church because Jesus, the Bridegroom is coming and coming soon, and He is coming for a purified bride. God’s concern and priority is the church of Jesus Christ, and He wants to get the church ready. Everything that is happening without is a war against the church of Jesus Christ. God is using this to test us, purify us and make us better. The devil is thus an instrument in the hand of the Almighty GOD (Revelation 2:10). In this time, we must focus within and not without. It does not matter what is happening on the outside, but the church & Christians must look on the inside. This is the time and season for us to pay attention to repent where the Holy Spirit is correcting us.

Jesus knows His church, He knows every single believer, and He knows our deeds, works, thoughts and intents. The church needs to return to the things we used to do when we were first born again, because it will do us no good when the LORD Jesus returns and we are not pleasing to Him (Revelation 2:2-5). For many in the church, the love of GOD has gone cold and we are no longer doing works of love. The world however will only know true Christians by our works of love, i.e., by living and doing love (John 13:34-35). Times of trials reveal what is within, so when the church is going through sifting what is the church producing? The world will know the true Christians by our manifestation and demonstration of love. To obey the Word is to love, and to love is to obey the Word (1 John 2:5), so the only time we can know that Jesus is in a church is when that church is demonstrating the works and acts of love. A loveless believer is a godless believer.

This season is a message and a sign for all and sundry, it is time for serious reflection, and waiting on the LORD with hearts that are humble and obedient. The LORD is demanding repentance. These are serious times, and we need to reflect seriously. Nowadays many people are listening to and teaching a doctrine of compromise (Revelation 2:14-16), but this is not the church that Jesus is coming for. GOD detests compromise in the church, and these things affect our relationship and fellowship with GOD and the presence of GOD in our lives. Much like Joshua, we will all be brought to a point of decision making & GOD will not continue to tolerate compromise (Joshua 24:15). GOD acts for the people that are faithful to Him and are uncompromising (Isaiah 64:4), so a compromising Christian cannot have the presence of GOD as they ought in their lives and cannot walk in the resurrection power. There is wrong doctrine that is seducing people away from GOD (Revelation 2:20-22), and there are many teachings that lead people astray not leading to GOD but to man. It is only the pure, unmixed, uncontaminated, and unadulterated Word of God that is able to cleanse us from all filthiness and overflow of wickedness. In these latter days where we are seeing a lot of believers departing from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, we must hold on to the pure Word of God that is able to save our souls. The only thing that brings GOD onto the scene is the pure, unadulterated Word of God.

Nowadays, there are a lot of churches and Christians who from the outside seem like they are alive but are actually dead (Revelation 3:1-3). They look like they are full of life when they are full of death. Many Christians assume that they are ready and that they know GOD, but the hearts of Christians are being revealed in this time, not unto condemnation but unto salvation and repentance. A true church of Jesus always looks for Him, always expectant. We as the church must always be on the lookout for our LORD and Saviour Jesus and His coming. We are called to know Jesus plainly, knowing Him for who He is and for what He is. Believers who do not know Jesus are not watching, on the lookout nor expectant for Jesus to manifest Himself, making Himself known to them. When we don’t know Jesus personally, intimately and experientially, that means we don’t know Him as we ought to know Him. We need to have a revelation knowledge of who Jesus is. Jesus wants to make Himself real to us so that we do not walk in assumption anymore. Jesus will not just appear, but we ought to be on the watch, on the lookout and be expectant for Jesus to reveal Himself to us, manifesting Himself (Isaiah 40:31 AMP).

The LORD detests the lukewarm church that sits on the fence (Revelation 3:15-20). The modern church is indifferent and does not stand or fall for anything. This church is neither for nor against in relation to the world, neither standing for GOD nor standing against the world, and if the church is indifferent, we cannot bring about any change or transformation coming from the church. There are believers that are deceived and blinded by comfort. They are comfortable because they have material wealth and financial means to carry them from day to day. As a result, they are deceived and blinded by their comfort. This church has been blinded by the things of the world and have become indifferent.  GOD rebukes and chastens those that He loves, and He has allowed these times because we are in a mess and GOD needs to clear out that mess. We must stop trying to fit in to the world. GOD wants to separate us from the world and wants to separate the world from us. The LORD has come to bring enmity between us and the world (John 15:18-19).

This is the model church that GOD wants us to follow: a faithful church (Revelation 3:8-11). GOD has an open door only for the faithful church. If we are a faithful church in this year GOD will lift us up, promote, increase, and elevate us. This He will do for us if we repent. These times have come to make the children of GOD better, sharpening them. As children of GOD, we cannot be destroyed by anything. GOD turns everything for our good if we are repenting where GOD tells us to repent. As we are changed from glory to glory there are things that must remain behind. Even though these are testing and trying times, He is going to shield and protect us because we are faithful to Him. GOD will see us through these difficult times. We have to give heed to the Word of God, be zealous and repent.

This is the time and season for us to pay attention to repent where the Holy Spirit is correcting us.


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