GOD Detests Counterfeits

GOD Detests Counterfeits

Thursday, 07 January 2021

The period of sifting comes to every born again child of God. It comes to distinguish the real from the fake. It comes to reveal a person’s true intentions and what is really in the heart of that person. GOD allows this because He cannot do anything with and through a counterfeit Christian. GOD desires sincerity and authenticity for Him to be able to work in and through a person. In life, generally, counterfeits have no value at all, even counterfeit money has no value. Maybe it can pose as authentic for a while, but eventually, the lie will be exposed. We are a people chosen by GOD, set apart for Kingdom purpose, charged with the task of being the light in the darkness and the salt of the earth, but, is our light shining? Is our salt losing its saltiness? That question should haunt us because it’s not just about us, it’s about our credibility and effectiveness on the mission for Christ. It is for this reason that GOD allows shaking and sifting to come to those that are His because our light dims and we lose our saltiness in the counterfeit state. 

It is harder now, more than ever, to distinguish a true Christian from a non-Christian. I think this is because more often than not we find ourselves blending in with the dark more than advancing the light. With both Christian and non-Christian friends, you would agree that at times they are indistinguishable. I often thought that one of the ways in which we could win people to Christ was by blending in with them but in my blending in I saw that I was losing my sense of authenticity. We need to stop deluding ourselves into thinking that by shirking holiness we’re advancing the cause of Christ and we also are “breaking the stereotypes” people might have of Christians. All that we’re doing is demeaning the name of Christ by cheapening the cost of Christianity, surely we can do better than that. We should embrace the shaking and sifting as Christians as it will reveal the true state of our hearts and where we are with GOD. To those who need to shed off things, those who need to repent, those who need realigning, it’s the sifting process that will reveal all these things to us. It’s time for us to be alert. GOD detests counterfeit Christians and would do just about anything to expose it so that we are led to repentance.

GOD desires sincerity and authenticity for Him to be able to work in and through a person

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  1. Phetheho Mosia

    What had gripped me the most is how do we look as Christians today? How are we standing out if we are at all? What makes one stand out as a Christian today?

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