It Will End In Exceeding Joy

It Will End In Exceeding Joy

Message Summary, 10 January 2021

We are living in unprecedented times; the terror and crisis of this time is real, and we rightly should not be ignorant of what is happening around us. There are many people who have much to say concerning this time, & many may be questioning where GOD is in all the happenings. Similarly, when Job lost his crops, livestock, children, servants and was struck with physical attack, his own wife prompted him to curse GOD and die due to her perceived absence of GOD at that point. However, we need to remember that before Satan could attack Job, he had to ask for the express permission of GOD (Job 2:7-10). GOD is not surprised by what we go through, but it is all part of His divine plan, Him not being the source of our pain, but He allows trials to come. We should accept adversity, not because it is good, but we ought to welcome the plan of GOD to unfold in our lives. A GOD perspective is thus very important, and amid great pain, great struggle, and turbulent waters, we need the Word of God to anchor us and be our guiding light.

Jesus spoke prophetically to His disciples that when, amongst others, we begin to see horrible epidemics breaking out in this world, this would be a supernatural signal of the soon coming of the LORD Jesus and the completion of this age (Matthew 24:3-8 TPT).  COVID-19 may have caught us all by surprise, but it has not come by surprise, as the LORD foretold it. It is very comforting that the LORD is in so much control over our lives that He boldly foretold the coming of such a time.  Amid natural turmoil, we therefore should not lose sight of the simultaneous supernatural happenings. Something new is happening and being birthed in the spirit, and it is important that we shift with the times, but if all we do is lament the times, we will miss an important spiritual message. Now, more than ever, we should be fine-tuning our spiritual antennas, doubling down in seeking the LORD for what He wants us to do. We should not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try us but should rest in faith that GOD is in control. Our level of joy in the LORD should be directly proportional to the pain that we suffer, not because we are ignorant of the pain, but because we know GOD is preparing us for the revelation of His glory (1 Peter 4:12-13). The natural pain is working out a supernatural glory for us, and it will not end in tears, but it will end in exceeding joy!

It is now time for us to be resolute in the Word of God. What fizzles away our love for GOD and for others when we are squeezed is when we move away from the Word. What will keep us to the end is endurance in the Word of GOD (Matthew 24:12-13). We may be inflicted with pain in this natural world but if we hold on to our faith, keeping to the Word of GOD, there is promise of eternal salvation which no known entity can take away from us. Salvation is free but it is an endurance race. Furthermore, there is promise from the LORD in time of suffering that the Gospel will reach all the world (Matthew 24:14). The LORD is working out all things for the salvation of those in Christ and those who do not know Him. The Word is breaking boundaries in an unprecedented manner in the midst of the suffering, but the LORD needs us to use every means possible to spread the Word of GOD, and the hand of GOD is with us for a great number to turn to Him (Acts 11:21). God is not blind to the fact that we are going through things, but even if we lose everything, we will never lose our Father.  We should resist the devil, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by the brotherhood in the world. After we have suffered a while, the LORD will perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle us (1 Peter 5:9-10).

Our level of joy in the LORD should be directly proportional to the pain that we suffer, not because we are ignorant of the pain, but because we know GOD is preparing us for the revelation of His glory.


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