The Expectation Of Faith

The Expectation Of Faith

Sunday Message Summary, 31 January 2021

Faith is not only to be sure that GOD is able to perform what He has promised, but it is also an assurance that He will perform what He has promised. This is divine hope, which is an expectation, a leaning on GOD to make good on and perform His promise. Hope places a demand on what GOD has promised. Hope that is spiritual and divine, waits on GOD to perform that which He has promised, and it is an anticipation and waiting on GOD eagerly, with earnest and sincere expectation, patience, and perseverance, and it is not passive (Romans 8:24-25; Hebrews 6:12). After that we have received the Word from the LORD, after the Holy Spirit has spoken in our hearts, are we waiting expectantly and longing earnestly (Romans 8:19 AMPC) for that Word to come to pass? If not, we are waiting passively and likely not taking the Word of GOD as reality. We must believe that what GOD has promised in His Word, He will do it.

When Abraham believed God’s promise, he expected GOD to do it (Romans 4:18). Abraham was serious with the promise he had received from the LORD. When the LORD gave Abraham His promise, He opened Abraham’s eyes of faith and filled him with hope (Genesis 15:5-6). Every night Abraham would see the stars, he would remember what GOD had said to him and his heart would swell up knowing that GOD would make good on His promise. It is not possible for us to give up when we have a living hope inside of us, and if we truly believed, we would wait with excitement. Hope rejoices in expectation (Romans 12:12 AMP). Abraham was strengthened in the faith and giving glory to GOD. Hope is the expectation and anticipation that GOD will do what He has promised; to be fully persuaded and convinced. When we are eagerly waiting, persistently expecting, and hoping, we shall not be put to shame in anything (Philippians 1:20).

For the Word of God to come to pass, we must take Him at His Word, expecting Him to do it, having an ever-living hope and confident assurance. We cannot believe passively and casually, being disconnected, but we must wait rejoicing because hope waits eagerly with excitement and joy unto the LORD. Faith without hope is a hopeless exercise, as this is faith that does not place a demand on GOD to fulfil His promise. Faithful is He that has called us (1 Thessalonians 5:24). GOD is not only able and omnipotent, but He is able and omnipotent to actually do what He has promised. We should therefore not just make great confessions of faith like Martha (John 11:21-24), but we must follow them up with earnest expectation and confident assurance that GOD will do it, as when we know the promises of GOD and we do not take GOD at His Word, we are being rebellious.

We all have problems, oppositions, obstacles, stumbling blocks and hindrances, but we should not magnify them, thereby having self-pity and belittling ourselves. Our situations may be fearful, but we should not fear. Are we looking at our situations through the eyes of faith and living hope in the LORD? When our spiritual eyes are opened, we shall be filled with the hope and comfort of the LORD. We should not fear! Not only is GOD with us, but He is on the inside of us, and we should wait eagerly on Him.

It is not possible for us to give up when we have a living hope inside of us, and if we truly believed, we would wait with excitement.


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