“Is This Your Card? Are You Sure?”

“Is This Your Card? Are You Sure?”

Friday, 19 February 2021

“And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” – Matthew 7:23 ESV

Growing up I used to be fascinated by magic tricks and one of my favorites was the card trick. In Joburg town, you’d find the “magician” with three cards and he would ask someone to pick a card from the three displayed. For example, he would have a king of diamond, a queen of hearts, and an ace of spade. An unsuspecting victim would be expected to pick the ace and if they did they would win (a small wager on the line). I was always amazed by how the victim would be so sure that they know where the card is after the “magician” had moved them around. During the shuffling of the cards, the victim is convinced that their focus never shifted from the ace. During the shuffling, the victim is unshaken and does not waver from the belief that they are on track, that they are right on the money. The victim picks his card with a smile on his face and he expects nothing but victory. When the “magician” reveals all the cards it then turns out our unsuspecting victim picked kings of diamonds. It then dawns on him that he has been following and has invested all his time on the wrong card. 

In our walk with GOD, we got born again and have given our lives to Jesus. We initially know who the mark is and our focus is entirely on Him. This is when the real “magician” aka satan is shuffling situations around with the intention to distract our focus off of Jesus. Jesus (ace of spade) is the prize and Christians (victims) ought to be completely focused on him. During this shuffling of these situations,  Christians, like the Joburg victim, are convinced that their focus hasn’t shifted. They are convinced that they are still focused on the ace and are oblivious to the deceit of the so-called, magicians. Their casual pursuit of the prize is to their detriment. Unfortunately, some will only realize during the big reveal (judgment day) that they have been focusing on the king of diamond instead.

In the above scripture, we can see that these people were always convinced that they were focusing and laboring for the ace of spades but they have now found out that they’ve missed the mark. In 1 Corinthians 9:27, Apostle Paul is aware of the danger of a wrong focus. He has to constantly deny his flesh lest he be disqualified from the race. He refuses to be the unsuspecting victim who follows and focuses on the queen of hearts instead of the ace. He is diligently seeking the ace of spades and taking up his cross every single day. Philippians 2:12 cautions us to work out our own salvation with trembling and fear. Focus on your ace like your whole life depends on it lest you find out that you have missed the mark like the Christians in the above scripture. A wise man once said, “don’t take your gaze from Jesus to the cares of this world”.

A lot is at stake and decisions we make now have eternal implications. What we focus on now determines what will be revealed at the end. Unlike the unsuspecting victim in Joburg town, I don’t want to pick the king of diamond over the ace of spade. Diligently seeking Jesus and working out my own salvation with trembling and fear determines the result of my walk. We must not get caught up in the “work” of the kingdom and get disqualified from the same race that we are helping others to finish. Jesus: The end all and be all, our ace of spade. 

Don’t take your gaze from Jesus to the cares of this world


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