Impatience: The Enemy Of Faith

Impatience: The Enemy Of Faith

Sunday Message Summary, 7 March 2021

While waiting for the fulfilment of GOD’s promises, our attitude and posture are important because our enemy in waiting for the fulfilment is our impatience. When Muhammad Ali defeated the then undefeated world heavyweight champion, George Foreman in the eighth round of the “Rumble In The Jungle”, although his opponent was much bigger and stronger than him, Ali’s strategy was to lie on the ropes and tire Foreman out, showing an exceptional amount of patience. This is much like a victorious Christian walk where with every punch the devil throws at us, what he does not understand is that while we are taking the punches, we are not quitting, but we are standing, and we are waiting for that second when the enemy will be destroyed and we breakthrough.

When Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were ordered to be thrown into the fiery furnace (Daniel 3), the three Hebrew boys did not place a time limit to when GOD would deliver them. Their faith was not based on what they saw, or their perception, and they were not at all harmed by the fire. Similarly, Christ, amid those who believed theoretically that this was impossible, called out Lazarus to resurrect after four days being dead (John 11). In both situations, what their enemies considered a forgone conclusion was when the miracle started. God’s Word is very important in the midst of our situations, because we are no exception to the Word, but when we are impatient and lose sight of the Word, we forfeit what GOD is doing in our lives.

If we believe that GOD Himself is with us all the time, and He will never leave nor forsake us, why do we not believe when the storms come (Mark 4:35-41)? Christ did not give His life for us only for Him to bail on us now. How can we have the audacity to believe that our situation is so different and so special that GOD cannot do anything about it?? Time is our number one enemy. It does not matter how we start, but it is how we end that is most important. The one who, after being faithful for some time, becomes impatient and aborts God’s plan for their life, is exactly the same as the person who did not even start. We should not be like Sarai, Abram’s wife, by trying to assist GOD because of impatience, then blaming GOD when we suffer the consequences (Genesis 16:1-5).

While we are waiting for the fulfilment of the promise, what is our posture? Daniel humbled himself and prayed to GOD, knowing that the lack of prayer while waiting is a dangerous recipe (Daniel 10:12-14). It is also important to note who we are surrounding ourselves with in the process of fulfilment of God’s promises for our lives, because it is in the moments of weakness that people around us are meant to be carrying us.

When we are impatient and lose sight of the Word, we forfeit what GOD is doing in our lives.


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