Our Unsung Hero

Our Unsung Hero

Friday, 19 March 2021

“What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?” – Exodus 33:16b

Ask anybody who’s watched boxing who they think is the greatest boxer ever. They will most probably pick Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Tyson changed the boxing world forever and brought the type of ferocity that had never been seen before. He went on to become the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, a record that stands to this very day. A little-known fact is who was responsible for Tyson’s success, It was a man called Cus D’amato. Tyson was a delinquent and was arrested more than thirty times as a teen and Cus took him into his home. He trained and disciplined him and turned him into a talented fighter. All his moves were perfected by Cus. He inspired him to greatness and made him realize and fulfill his full potential. Unfortunately, Cus died before Tyson could become champion. Without Cus, Tyson went on to win the title and many fights, yet those who are purists of the sport will tell you that he wasn’t as crisp as he was when he was with Cus. Though he was winning fights he wasn’t as good as he was before. His ill-discipline resurfaced and he was even arrested again. What set Tyson apart was Cus’s influence and without him, Tyson spiraled out of control and lost his edge, and eventually lost fights. Without Cus, he was never the same again.

Our walk with the LORD owes its fruitfulness and effectiveness to the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit. He leads and guides us through this journey. He teaches us how to duck uppercuts and jabs from our adversary. He tells us when to go on the offense and when to defend. He gives us the edge over the world and while we are still submitted to Him we are unstoppable. Like Tyson, our success is attributed to the one person that inspires and guides us. What the world does not understand is that our effectiveness isn’t attributed to our willpower but to the presence of the Spirit and His influence over our lives.

In the above scripture, Moses understood that they couldn’t achieve anything without the Holy Spirit. He refused to move unless His presence was with them. He makes seemingly impossible situations possible. It’s this edge that distinguished the Israelites from everyone else. The world knew something was different about these people, but they just didn’t know what it was. They knew that they had won every battle they fought. Joshua 2:8-11 demonstrates what the life of someone who is surrendered to the Holy Spirit is like, someone who is led and guided by Him. Even foes you haven’t encountered are trembling at the thought of facing you.

The unfortunate truth is that many who started very well have fallen off and are now knowingly or unknowingly serving satan. Some were generals in the Kingdom and have now fallen out of the will of God. To the world, they may seem like they are still on track but to those that have discernment can see that they have lost their edge. The Holy Spirit has left them and like Tyson, it’s only a matter of time before their demise. Their downfall is inevitable, it’s not a matter of if but of when. His presence in the beginning doesn’t guarantee it will be there in the end. How you finish is completely dependent on you. 

“Do not cast me away from Your presence, And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me” – Psalm 51:11 

What the world does not understand is that our effectiveness isn’t attributed to our willpower but to the presence of the Spirit and His influence over our lives


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