Sunday Message Summary, 4 April 2021

GOD is responsible for growth. It is the same GOD who causes conception, labour, delivery, and growth. After a seed is sown into the womb of a woman, no one is responsible for the growth of that seed inside that womb, but it is God’s responsibility. This is a natural and physiological process. GOD is responsible for the growth of everything He starts, and everything GOD begins grows and flourishes, no matter what comes against it. Much like a farmer, GOD has a vested interest and has personal expectations of fruitfulness and profit from every believer (John 15:1-2). A farmer cultivates, waters, irrigates, and protects the crop, but a farmer expects a harvest. The Kingdom we have been born into is a Kingdom of growth and there is an ongoing growth process for everyone who is born into the Kingdom of God. Growth is a sign of life and anything that does not grow is dead.

In the Kingdom of God, when a seed is sown, it grows and continues growing until it becomes greater (Mark 4:30-32). A seed becomes a tree, a tree becomes a fruitful field, and a fruitful field becomes a forest (Isaiah 32:15). That tree is a believer, the fruitful field is the local church, and the forest is the global church. The growth, expansion and success of the Kingdom of God is dependent on each individual believer, but only those who are growing in the Kingdom of God are of service and useful to GOD, and in the true Kingdom of God there is no useless person. God wills for everyone to bear a hundredfold harvest of fruit, but for the Word of God to bear fruit and grow is according to one’s willingness, responsiveness, and diligence to the Word of God. What grows becomes a better version of itself, so we only become more and more like Jesus when we are growing.

Everything in the Kingdom of GOD emanates from the seed, which is the Word of God. How much the Word produces is totally up to the person, and it is not GOD’s responsibility. How much we will be blessed is totally and entirely according to each individual believer (James 1:25). If you are paying attention to the Word and putting it into practice you will be blessed by GOD in everything you do. Abiding in GOD is an instruction, command, and condition. Our duty is to abide, and we will bear fruit. For the branch to bear fruit, it must just remain on the tree, because the duty of the branch is not to produce fruit, but to carry fruit (John 15:4-5). Jesus, the seed that was sown in this season, honored the Father by producing much fruit, so the only true way to celebrate the season of Passover is by being fruitful, with God’s purpose of souls in mind. If we want to please GOD, we must touch His church, His Kingdom and souls.

GOD is responsible for the growth of everything He starts, and everything GOD begins grows and flourishes.


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